COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 Crisis Left the Homeless Abandoned, a Trio of Unsung Heroes Create an Alliance Through Instagram to Help

Posted: May 07, 2020 7:11 AM PDT

Homeless Advocates Cheryl Rich @cherlyhelps, Sennett Devermont @MrCheckpoint_ and Yuri Williams @afuturesupehero Bring Hope for L.A.’s Vulnerable Population


Courage is free and it’s time for you to step into Your Dreams.  
You’ve arrived in LA, but now what? What do you do? Who do you know? Where do go”? 

There is always the Hollywood Walk of Amazing Past Accomplishments, where you get to see the ones who have “made it” or you could come and discover how to find your path to peace as you glide over obstacles.
I will strategically help you find the courage to step into tomorrow while simultaneously connecting you with the deeper part of who you are.

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Hollywood is for the few, the proud, and the one who is willing to find their way to Fearlessness. 


“Having compassion for others is one of life’s greatest privileges”


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“Many are called, few are Chosen” ….if you are reading these words know that You are one of the “Chosen!”

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